Suzhou Huayuan Electric Co, Ltd. specializes in manufacturing high and low-voltage switchgears. The main products are OEM ABB MNS 2.0, GCS, GCK, GXL, KYN28A-12, XGN15-12, ZBW-12 MSN, outdoor electric switch boxes, fire fighting, water pumps and other non-standard cabinets.

        We can provide services ranging from design of electronics to project contracting according to customers’ requirements. We manufacture high and low voltage switchboard and non-standard cabinets using well-known domestic brands. Meanwhile, we are able to provide customers with cabinets consisting of components from foreign brands such as Schneider, ABB, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, LG and etc. Moreover, our company has an excellent assembly line and craftsmanship which helps our products reach millions of users.

        Huayuan values its high quality, professionalism and craftsmanship with a pursuit for advanced technologies. With our ISO9001 certification, our product quality and techniques have received the high compliments and trust of our valued customers. All of our main products have 3C certification.

        We maximize our company’s resources in order to provide customers with a great selection of high quality equipment which includes MNS, GCS, GCK, GGD, and DOMINO. The company’s metal plating centre has excellent equipment such as: a complete set of Muratec digitalized M-2044EZ turret-type punch presses, RG-100 digital CNC bending machines, M-2560 digital shearing machines and TCL-3030 laser cutting machines.

        In recent years, we have become the designated provider for local power bureaus, power plants, petrochemistry companies and pharmaceutical companies. At present, we are a qualified supplier for Fortune 500 companies, such as Samsung and Schneider (China). Further more, we have become ABB’s OEM Company and we have developed a close and strategic partnership with Schneider.

        We strive to provide customers with high quality products and world-class service. We regularly invite Schneider electronic experts to offer training to Huayuan Electronic Co. Ltd.. Moreover, we have hired multiple European experienced engineers to provide guidance to our company’s technology. We strongly believe that with our innovative and detail oriented attitude, we are confident to offer customer advanced technology and services. We have customers’ interest in heart and aim to establish a great impression among the users so we can become the pushing power for the electronic system development.

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